I'm back at home again and working on something new-ish. I started working on it while I was sculpting Dipper and never showed it/had the time to finish it. So stay tuned!


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  • I’ve made a pattern+tutorial for the big Minion I showed earlier. You can find a download link for the pdf pattern and the tutorial here. I already mentioned it in the tutorial but if something is unclear or if you need help, just send me an ask!


    Happy birthday to me and my twin! It’s our birthday today and this was my gift! 

    My sister gave this really cute gift to me on our birthday :>
    Thank you Romy ^^ 

    I made this card to go with the birthday present for my sister. I used cardstock paper, glue and a black fineliner.
    Happy Birthday Romy ♥

    Dipper & Mabel sculpture made by me
    Photographed by my father

    Sculpted with Super Sculpey Firm over a wire armature.

    Mabel was made in December 2013
    Dipper was made in March 2014

    Dipper Sculpture part 4

    I started with priming my sculpture. I chose white mainly because that is what I’ve used before and I wanted to make the base white to match the Mabel sculpture I made earlier.
    The first skin color I mixed was too tan (you can see that in the second picture) and I had to redo it but everything after that went okay.
    I had such a hard time mixing the blue for his bodywarmer, I sat at least half an hour just mixing different shades of blue. In the end I consulted my mother and after that I thought I had the right shade but it still ended up being a tad too dark.


    Dipper Sculpture part 3
    Last details and smoothing

    I did the last details here and made everything as smooth as I could. I mostly used my fingers to do this.
    After I baked it I used 180 grid sandpaper and 240 grid after that. I’m using some higher grid sandpaper after this as well.


    Dipper Sculpture part 2
    Apoxie, Aluminium foil & Rough shapes

    You can’t see it in these pictures but I covered the parts where the different pieces of wire come together with apoxie to make it extra sturdy. After that I started sculpting very roughly. I put on a temporary face to look what facial expression I wanted. The facial expression in these pictures is the one I chose.
    I struggled a lot with his cap so I put hair temporarily on his head and also some other things to help me see how to get the right shapes and such.


    Dipper Sculpture part 1
    The wire armature

    I started with printing out a character sheet of Dipper and then I drew a stick figure on the image. Then I bend the wire to the same shape of my stick figure. After that I used some smaller wire to wrap all the pieces together. Up next is apoxie, aluminium foil and the rough shapes.


    Dipper Pines sculpture  made by me
    Photographed by my father

    This sculpture was made by me for my sister’s birthday. I worked on the sculpture for about 6 days and 2 days on painting it.
    Sculpted with Super Sculpey Firm over a wire armature.

    Mabel Pines »here«
    WIP pictures »here«

    Baby Tooth WIP

    I started painting the day before yesterday and finished it today. I first primed the sculpture with white spraypaint and then I began painting the whole thing blue (except the light colored parts, like her face, hands etc.). After that I just added more and more color to it. You can’t see it that well but her body actually goes from green-ish to blue.