Working on Maximus right now :) Also still working on Espeon and making a base for Sjors.


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  • Maximus WIP

    I’m still working on his mane but I’m slowly making progress. I’ve also started working on his tail. His front right hoof is still unfinished, it is just a lump of clay that I put there to cover the wire. No special reason for that or anything, he just looked a bit odd with a hook instead of a hoof.
    For more WIP pictures click here

    Espeon WIP

    It took me a while but Espeon is almost ready for some paint.
    I’m making this sculpture for my sister so I hope she’ll like it!

    Just a reminder that my Anna and Garnet sculpture are for sale!

    • You can find all details like materials used,
      price, shipping, contact info etc. 
    • More photos of Garnet can be viewed here.
    • More photos of Anna can be viewed here.
    • They are sold separately of course.

    Contact me on my ask-blog, please! 

    Maximus WIP

    No big update but I’m now giving the royal steed a mane! :>

    Here’s another picture I never posted. You can see Anna standing on my desk there. I’m looking through pictures because I need more room for well… new pictures haha. I thought some of you might like to see where most of my sculptures are made.
    Welcome to my crib y’all.

    I totally forgot to post this picture my father made of the tomato pincushion I made for my sister a while ago. I also made the pintoppers. The kitties are not my design though, I saw them on pinterest and thought they were cute so I tried to make them too. Fimo isn’t really my area of expertise but I did my best.

    Maximus WIP

    I’ve beheaded him about 4 times and remade his whole head 5 times but I’m moving on with this one. Still far from finished of course but I’m getting there. 
    I find that it is much easier to sculpt eyes when the eyeballs are cured and I usually make eyeballs from left-over apoxie (I have this small box with different size apoxie eyeballs lol) but I didn’t have any eyeballs that would fit Maximus’ head. My sister told me this neat little trick for making eyeballs a while ago so this was a great oppertunity to try it out.

    I first made some “eyeballs” with sculpey, boiled some water and poured that into a glass cup. Then I popped the eyes into the hot water and put a saucer on top of the cup to prevent the water from cooling down too fast. I let that stand there for about 30-45 minutes or so. It would have been better if I let them sit there just a little bit longer but I needed them to move on with my sculpture so I took them out anyways.
    I knew that you can cure sculpey this way but I never thought about using this method for eyes. Very handy!

    Espeon WIP

    I’m taking a lunch/coffee break right now so here’s a picture of what I was doing! I’m sculpting some things for Espeon’s base!

    Maximus WIP

    I’ve continued sculpting Maximus! Doesn’t really look much different from the last picture I posted but I actually did do quite a lot lol. 
    Sorry to the people who were waiting for the wip video of this sculpture. I could not find any good angle to film this in. You can’t see what I’m doing really so I don’t see the point in editing/uploading it. Sorry! I’ll try make a video again some other time.

    Sjors the Dachshund WIP

    I’ve finished painting her! I think I’m going to make a round base to match the original sculpture