I'm almost done with sculpting Maximus and I'm now going to start working on Fluttershy's and Pinkie Pie's manes!


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I’ve been busy painting Pinkie Pie the last couple of days. I only need to paint her cutie mark and she is done! Next I’ll paint Fluttershy and after that I’m going to finish Espeon and Maximus. 

Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie WIP

Today was painting day! I have spraypainted the ponies with white spraypaint so they’re now ready to get some color. I’m quite excited to see how they look when I’m finished :> 
Oh and btw, Fluttershy is missing the other half of her mane here, it was still drying when I took this picture. And Pinkie Pie’s mane is a bit bottom heavy and wouldn’t defy gravity for me so it looks here like it doesn’t really fit right on her head but it does lol.

(That super cute drawing in the background is made by my sister btw!)

Espeon WIP

Sorry for the crappy photo but here is a small update on Espeon!
I’ve finished painting Espeon and put some glossy varnish on the ruby (I think it is a ruby anyway).

Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie WIP

The ponies are almost ready to be painted. Only some more sanding left to do now! :>
And here is also a reminder that these two will be for sale when I’ve finished them!

Fluttershy & Pinkie pie WIP

Sorry for the slow updates everyone! My back, neck and hands were hurting but they feel better now so I’ve done some sculpting! I already sanded Fluttershy a while ago but I started making the mane today. I have also started sanding Pinkie Pie and have made Fluttershy’s eyelashes.

Maximus WIP

He is almost finished! I only need to make that sun symbol (that you won’t even really see but oh well) on the saddle strap thingy on his chest. But first I’m going to bake him! :) (Those things behind his hooves are saddle bags btw).

Fluttershy & Pinkie Pie WIP

I’ve made Fluttershy’s wings and have made Pinkie Pie a pair of ears. The eyes still look weird but that is because they aren’t finished yet lol.

It was time to tidy my room again and I didn’t have anything better to do so I made a new picture of my desk and everything around it and added a little guide kind of thing :D So here we go!

  1. Sculpting tools (I use pickle jars to put them in lol), spraypaint, headphones and sculptures.
  2. Manga books from the time I still read manga, some dvds, cute doll my sister made for me, minions, and some other random things.
  3. Art books (I got only 2 right now though lol), book about sculptures called Pop Sculpture, more dvds, games and more manga.
    One of those mini poseable wooden art figures which I use to hold my hair ties.
  4. Sculptures that I’m currently working on, my Kuzco sculpture. 
    I also keep a to-do list here and some other notes.
  5. I don’t have any nice art prints to hang here so I just put the character sheets I use for my sculptures here. I got quite a few so I change them from time to time.
  6. Here is where I hide most of my other sculpting stuff to make my room look neater, it does wonders. 
  7. More pickle jars with sculpting tools, pens, pencils in them. Also another cute doll my sister made for me and tape dispensers (one with washi tape and one with normal tape).
  8. Ereader, some notebooks and my computer. I usually shove my keyboard to the right when I’m sculpting here.

Espeon WIP

I got some spraypaint yesterday so I’ve started painting Espeon! I couldn’t really find a good spot in our garage to spraypaint the base so I just began with the body. The room was a bit dark so the colors aren’t really accurate though. 

Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy WIP

I’ve obviously still got a lot to do but these will be for sale when they are finished! :) I’ll put the price, size and everything on my for sale page when they’re done. There will be a seperate post ofcourse with pictures of the finished sculptures later.
Also a small update on Maximus, I’ve made his saddle bags and stirrups and there are only a few details left to do before baking him again. He’s the biggest of all the sculptures I’ve made so far, so I’m pretty excited about finishing him! :)