Working on Maximus right now :) Also still working on Espeon and making a base for Sjors.


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  • Espeon WIP

    I got some spraypaint yesterday so I’ve started painting Espeon! I couldn’t really find a good spot in our garage to spraypaint the base so I just began with the body. The room was a bit dark so the colors aren’t really accurate though. 

    Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy WIP

    I’ve obviously still got a lot to do but these will be for sale when they are finished! :) I’ll put the price, size and everything on my for sale page when they’re done. There will be a seperate post ofcourse with pictures of the finished sculptures later.
    Also a small update on Maximus, I’ve made his saddle bags and stirrups and there are only a few details left to do before baking him again. He’s the biggest of all the sculptures I’ve made so far, so I’m pretty excited about finishing him! :)

    My internet wasn’t working the last couple of days but hopefully everything will be back to normal today/tomorrow. Here ‘s a little update on Maximus! 

    Maximus WIP

    I’m still working on his mane but I’m slowly making progress. I’ve also started working on his tail. His front right hoof is still unfinished, it is just a lump of clay that I put there to cover the wire. No special reason for that or anything, he just looked a bit odd with a hook instead of a hoof.
    For more WIP pictures click here

    Espeon WIP

    It took me a while but Espeon is almost ready for some paint.
    I’m making this sculpture for my sister so I hope she’ll like it!

    Just a reminder that my Anna and Garnet sculpture are for sale!

    • You can find all details like materials used,
      price, shipping, contact info etc. 
    • More photos of Garnet can be viewed here.
    • More photos of Anna can be viewed here.
    • They are sold separately of course.

    Contact me on my ask-blog, please! 

    Edit: Garnet is SOLD. Anna is still available

    Maximus WIP

    No big update but I’m now giving the royal steed a mane! :>

    Here’s another picture I never posted. You can see Anna standing on my desk there. I’m looking through pictures because I need more room for well… new pictures haha. I thought some of you might like to see where most of my sculptures are made.
    Welcome to my crib y’all.

    I totally forgot to post this picture my father made of the tomato pincushion I made for my sister a while ago. I also made the pintoppers. The kitties are not my design though, I saw them on pinterest and thought they were cute so I tried to make them too. Fimo isn’t really my area of expertise but I did my best.

    Maximus WIP

    I’ve beheaded him about 4 times and remade his whole head 5 times but I’m moving on with this one. Still far from finished of course but I’m getting there. 
    I find that it is much easier to sculpt eyes when the eyeballs are cured and I usually make eyeballs from left-over apoxie (I have this small box with different size apoxie eyeballs lol) but I didn’t have any eyeballs that would fit Maximus’ head. My sister told me this neat little trick for making eyeballs a while ago so this was a great oppertunity to try it out.

    I first made some “eyeballs” with sculpey, boiled some water and poured that into a glass cup. Then I popped the eyes into the hot water and put a saucer on top of the cup to prevent the water from cooling down too fast. I let that stand there for about 30-45 minutes or so. It would have been better if I let them sit there just a little bit longer but I needed them to move on with my sculpture so I took them out anyways.
    I knew that you can cure sculpey this way but I never thought about using this method for eyes. Very handy!